Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Do you do Cariboo?

Do you have the game Cranium Cariboo? 

Have you heard all the buzz about it? I went into Goodwill one day looking specifically for it and guess what??? IT WAS THERE- but missing some pieces...  So I ordered some new balls on Amazon, I use a pencil for a key and I use cards that I make, or I find on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I have uploaded quite a few Cariboo Companions (Synonyms and Antonyms, Idioms, Halloween Vocab) and ones for books I often use in my Speech Room (The Little Old Lady Who Was NOT Afraid of Anything, Too Many Frogs, The Silly Turkey Party and more to come!).  

You don't have Cariboo?  No problem.  Just use the cards like a regular game- laying the square "Cariboo" cards in the middle of the table, and having the students choose a Question card and find the answer.  Lay stickers under the square cards for incentive.

Visit my TPT store: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Mae-4362 and pick up some of these easy to use, cheap to print items today!



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Monday, October 27, 2014

Speechie Freebie??

Have you had time to check out my TPT store?  Luckily for you there is another freebie- just in time for Halloween.  
Have you read the book "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything" yet with your students?  If you have, or haven't, head on over to my store and pick up this FREE Cariboo Companion.  Don't have the game Cariboo?  Don't worry! Just use this activity as a regular game by laying the square cards out on the table, and have the students take turns choosing a question card.  Focus on Articulation and Language with this activity, but using carryover during READING the cards and focusing on Comprehension for the story by answering the questions.  Use the extra cards, to have your students come up with more questions about the book.

Get the FREEBIE (did I mention Free?) here:
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Follow Me...

On Teachers Pay Teachers!  I am officially on there and I hope you will visit my store and check out my things!  Unfortunately, I started buying items off TPT before I decided to make products, so my store is named Mae- for me!  Here is the link: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Mae-4362
I hope you visit it soon!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Free Snowman Worksheet

This somehow was deleted from my Teachers Pay Teachers account, and some of you have been asking about it. 

I just made these up with clip-art and use it with my students who can make their own words with speech sounds, or I give them a sheet from the Super Duper book and have them write in words on the blank page.  I also have the /k/ and /r/ already made.
Get them here:

Blank worksheet: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4w6xrPI1D0vV2VIV3hwX0gwb1U/edit?usp=sharing

K: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4w6xrPI1D0veEdZS1hoak1GVTA/edit?usp=sharing

R: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4w6xrPI1D0vb1Y3U0gxWVZLNFk/edit?usp=sharing

Hope you like them!

-Mrs. Speech Teacher

Thursday, October 3, 2013

TOO LONG...so here's a freebie!

This past spring/summer went so fast!  I was on bedrest and then maternity leave for most of March/April and into May, so the end of the year went so fast, I apologize for not adding more resources!  This summer I had clincial hours and two classes, and softball, and running the kids to and from daycare, and did I mention a NEW adorable baby boy?

Our family is so blessed.  CRAZY  BUSY, but blessed!  Since
it has been so long, here is a Halloween Freebie I plan to use as a reinforcement activity.

Hope you enjoy!
By the way, that CUTE little boy is now 6 months old..time goes WAY too fast!

Catch the freebie here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Can you believe it?

Can you believe it is February 13??  Not only have I done an AWFUL job of blogging this school year, but it is already FEBRUARY 13!  That means roughly 8 more weeks until Maternity leave!! So I better get to making some more packets for my new Teachers Pay Teachers store.  Here is a Presidential Listening Comprehension Packet I made, aren't the graphics cute?  You should really check out www.mycutegraphics.com!  Love it!  Here are some screen shots of the new packet!

In the packet are 18 cards with presidential information and fun facts.  Have your students listen to you read and then ask them the questions located on the question cards.

Hope you enjoy!  If you download, please leave me some feedback, I'd really love to hear from you!
Buy here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Presidential-Listening-Comprehension-Packet

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-Mrs. Speech Teacher

Thursday, January 17, 2013

him is at home....

So I have a BUNCH of kindergarten/first graders who misuse pronouns!  How about you?

I created this little printable to work with them.  It's has those really cute graphics from www.mycutegraphics.com- LOVE IT!  Have a great day!

Get it here at: